Broken Tube = Time to Leave London

I have survived in London for four months now without any major disasters…until yesterday.  Three days before we are set to leave London, tragedy struck.  Three other students from Wisconsin and I were stuck in the Tube for two hours.  It was hot, sweaty, and packed with rush hour traffic.  Here is a reenactment of the scene:

The stale, static air grew putrid the longer we were stuck standing shoulder to shoulder in the train.  The businessmen were contemplating resorting to cannibalism when finally the Underground workers filed us off the train, down the tunnel, and to the platform.  We passed rats three feet tall and dodged fire and crumbling brick as we ran for our lives.

Okay, that may have been an overstatement, but it was an uncomfortable two hours.  The lack of a bathroom almost resulted in embarrassing public urination for one of my fellow UW students.  There were no flames, but the tracks did lose power.  On top of all that, we missed the play we were trying to attend.  It was a miserable experience, and we all decided that London is telling us to go home.

On Friday, I am leaving for Prague, Vienna, and Munich.  The next time I write I will be back in the States.  Hopefully I will have better luck with the trains on mainland Europe!