Heading To Italy

I am leaving tomorrow for a 6-week intensive immersion Italy study abroad program. I’ll be living and studying in Perugia, Italy, which sits right in between Florence and Rome, about a 2 hour drive to each. I cannot wait to experience Italy and all it has to offer, the food, the people, the beautiful art and architecture and just the culture in general. I will be taking tons of pictures and trying to update this blog daily but it might not be possible to do every day. I hope to travel to many other cities and countries while I am abroad as well to make sure I get the most out of my time here. I think that over time the main focus of this blog will be photography from Italy, the delicious and stunningly beautiful meals this great country has to offer, and the people I encounter in my travels. I will try to meet one stranger a week and learn something about them and take a picture with them and do a post about each person. I think that by doing all of this, my blog will keep all of you entertained and be a truly unique experience for me. That’s all for now.

Until the next post, arrivederci.

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