Last weekend, Zoe and I decided to attempt understanding the sport of rugby. As rugby is such an important aspect of many New Zealander’s life, we decided that we might as well try to do as the Kiwis do.  Before the game, Zoe and I were more than excited. I have a feeling we drove everyone we know crazy because all we were talking about for days was our upcoming trip to a rugby game.  We’ve both experienced Division I college football, so we were both expecting the rugby game to be just as thrilling.  Coming in with this attitude, the game was a bit of a letdown. This isn’t to imply that the game was boring or terrible. In fact, it was quite a fun evening and we succeeded—almost—in understanding  what was going on. However, we were expecting all the excitement that goes with a college football game. In our minds, we were expecting a huge band, some cheerleaders, half-time entertainment, and an awesome mascot. In reality, there were none of these things. While I did enjoy the game, I am definitely looking forward to the upcoming Wisconsin football season!

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  1. California and Utah of the PAC 12 ended up with the Number 1 & 3 teams in rugby this year in college. It is truly a fun sport to watch!

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