New blog post for Callie

Along with the last blog, I thought I’d write about things that I miss and don’t miss about home (besides the obvious things like family and friends).

Things I miss:

  • WI FRESH milk
  • Mexican food
  • walking to class (although not so much in the winter months)
  • change of seasons (spring and fall)
  • short 50 minute classes (here they’re two hours, one of mine is even three!)
  • feeling cozy (coffee shops, carpet, cozy couches)
  • drinking faucet water
  • using my debit card instead of cash
  • blending in (aka not getting whistled/stared at constantly)
  • pedestrians having the right of way
  • general organization and efficiency
  • texting, cheap phone calls, and a nice cell phone
  • thunder storms (it literally never rains in Lima)
  • not having to be worried about getting robbed

Things I don’t miss:

  • winter (especially walking to class in freezing weather)
  • how expensive it is to eat out
  • $1 bills (I much prefer dollar coins)
  • really expensive textbooks (I’ve spent a total of $25 on ‘textbooks’ this year)
  • having class everyday
  • working (although making money is nice)
  • getting tan only in the summer
  • super expensive movies (You can be $1 movies off the street, or to see a movie in theaters as cheap as $2 on Tuesdays)
  • having to cook for myself all the time
  • lack of traveling
  • speaking English all the time
  • having to be on time to everything
  • being constantly busy and having very little chill time

For now, I’ll marvel at the differences between Peru and the US because in just over two months, I’ll be missing a whole new list of things.

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  1. Hey Callie, try getting to a dark spot at night and watch the milky way rising. At your latitude it is so thickly populated with stars that it looks like a thick white cloud overhead.

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