Update from Lauren

Not much has happened here in the last two weeks. On Mother’s Day, I was able to do a little travelling with my home stay family and their children and grandchildren. We went to Piha, a beach on the west coast. Before that, we went hiking in a nearby regional park.

Last week, I got a new roommate named Judith. Since she just arrived in the country, we decided to go to Auckland. We spent the day exploring and going to the harbor, Sky Tower, shopping centers, Queen Street, and Albert Park. Considering the fact that winter has arrived, the weather is still perfect. It’s been in the 60s and sunny every day—the same weather as when I arrived over three months ago.

Currently, I have less than three weeks left here in New Zealand. As the time grows nearer to my departure, I am getting more and more excited to go back home. Despite this increasing excitement, I still hope to explore New Zealand some more. I really want to take a road trip down to Wellington, the home of Parliament. I will still be here for Queen Elizabeth’s birthday, so I would like to go to some of those celebrations. Yes, her birthday is a national holiday here! One last wish would be to go to the official “Hobbittown” where the Lord of the Rings was filmed.