Boarding Pass-CHECK, Passport-CHECK, Entire closet plus favorite eight pairs of heels….check?

There are two extra-terrestrial phenomenons that are applicable to my current, pre-departure situation.

The first of these phenomena is the “Freshmen Possession Expansion” phenomenon. According to my friend Eric, the Freshmen Possession Expansion Phenomenon (FPEP) occurs when one returns home from college to find that what once fit neatly into their allotted space, will now over run the room, the hallway, and likely the garage. This being the summer before my senior year of college, I find that FPEP plagues even the oldest and wisest of college students. Particularly those of us with an extensive wardrobe (yes, I have A
LOT of clothes).

The second phenomenon, not entirely unrelated to the first, is the “holy cow that is a superbly small suitcase I must live out of for the next two
months” phenomenon. Alone this phenomenon is quite frightening and thought provoking, but combined with FPEP, it poses a rather large hurdle. Even for weathered world travelers such as myself (cough).

Now, in case you are thinking that I am building mountains out of mole hills, and because I like to recognize all learning styles I have created a diagram to help our visual learners.

Yeah, Right.

The thing is, it doesn’t seem real. The plane departs in four days, but it still feels a little like a dream. Yes, I’ve Google mapped my housing placement, and re-read all of the manuals a million times, but the concept that in five days I will be in London, England is rather perplexing.

That is what makes packing so hard.  (Luckily it’s been 40 degrees at home all week, so I have had plenty of time to sit inside, at the end of MAY and try to pack. Although my brain has been fruitlessly trying to remember what it is summer is SUPPOSED to looks like).

As I go through my large heap of laundry I find pieces that remind me of the progression of my style.

Freshmen year of high school: Affected by the recent discoveries of the Mall of America, the color teal, and growing body image insecurity, my freshmen style was a bit of a confusing mash-up. My tight, teal t-shirt was a staple covered by one of three over sized hoodies, a pink belt, and teal striped Adidas tennis shoes. Gone were the awful bangs of middle school, replaced by long, straight and swoosh bangs that sufficiently hid the inevitable acne. Ah, and most importantly the heavy black eyeliner and an excessive amount of massacre.

As high school continued the realization that being different was preferable to the status quo changed everything (or maybe it was my discovery of the thrift shop). Either way the experimentation stage began. Bright eighties wear combined with newer pieces and giant jewelry was my new go-to. Not quiet getting the image? Picture a jewel green high-waisted pencil skirt, combined with a thick mesh blouse of the same color with a four inch ruffle peplum collar. Now complete the look by cinching it high at the waist using a burnt red velvet belt with a white rose buckle. Oh brother.

It seems I have kept all of these pieces (possible explanation of FPEP?). And the timeline brings us to….

Today’s realization: It doesn’t matter what I wear in London. I may look goofy, but the more relaxed I am the more fun there is to be had (plus think how great the photo album will look)!

So here’s the new plan: Throw in some Jean shorts, a fanny pack, my Green Bay Packer jerseys and high socks. 😉

ALL ABOARD! Next stop London. ETA: four days.

Now THAT’S keeping it shiny.