Update from Kevin (Perugia)

The first piece of advice that I want to give to any prospective study abroad students who are reading this blog is to absolutely not wait till the day before you fly out to start packing. It’s takes longer than you expect and it is a lot worse when you’re rushed, not to mention all the traveling the next day is rough with just a few hours of sleep. My study abroad program in Perugia starts this coming Friday and I cannot wait. I am spending the next couple days in Rome as I just landed here today. I spent some time exploring the city here and it is absolutely incredible, so much history here . A friend of mine who lives here in Rome drove me around and showed me some of the sights and we got out and walked around the city to get a better feel for it. Our first stop was a cafe in the center of Rome, I got a great cafe latte and biscotti. We went a nearby gelateria after too to cool down because it’s so hot here. Even though it’s around 90 degrees here, everybody still wears pants, it’s a cultural thing for Italians but it really makes the weather hit you that much harder when you’re stuck wearing jeans on a day like today. I explored the city by just strolling around, all the people I’ve met so far are great and really helpful when my Italian language skills fail me . This city is absolutely gorgeous and the architecture is unbelievable.There are beautiful fountains everywhere  and . Tomorrow we’re going to visit the coliseum and some of the other big stops in Rome, I’ll take a ridiculous amount of pictures.

5 thoughts on “Update from Kevin (Perugia)”

  1. I am so glad you are having this experience. I makes you realize how people in Europe are compared to the US. Quie a different lifestyle. I would love to live it…..
    Take care and enjoy!

  2. Hi Kevin,
    Hope you are doing great. I’m sure you are. Just watched Save the Cows! Good Humor! Is that what a degree at Madison does?
    I watched the movie “Taken”. Please Please be careful!!!
    You never know who is taking an interest in you.
    It is hard to believe you are really there. Quite a different culture from the US. How are the exta curricular activities going? Keep us informed and talk to you as soon as I can. I love you very much…..BE CAREFULL!!

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