Ciao Amici!

I just arrived back in Perugia from an amazing weekend in Florence. That city is absolutely incredible. My roommates and I stayed at a nice little hotel not far from the center of the city for only 20 euros a night per person, which is great because not only is Florence ridiculously expensive but the exchange rate has shot up to almost 1.5! They have a beautiful market that spirals through the streets of Florence .

The art and architecture in Florence is amazing. Everywhere you look there is another beautiful building. The history there is incredible.

Il Duomo at the center of the city is the most breathtaking building I have seen in my entire life. 

The outside of it is so detailed it is almost impossible to imagine how they could build it without modern technology. The inside is even more incredible 

But by far the most amazing part is the view from the absolute top, which takes about an hour to walk up the nearly 500 stairs in very tight corridors.

It was like nothing I have ever seen before. There are so many sights to be seen while just walking the streets too. From ridiculous little cars  to amazing street art and just the streets themselves, everything is so interesting. My friends and I grabbed a bottle of vino and walk to Ponte Vecchio, an old bridge which is a spot to relax and listen to music while enjoying the amazing view.

During the day the jewelers on the bridge sell absurdly expensive gold jewelry which glows from the windows, which are locked up very tightly by night

Ponte Vecchio is amazing at night as well with people still enjoying live music and the scenery. Florence was absolutely amazing and made me only more excited to explore the rest of Italy during my weekend trips.

2 thoughts on “Ciao Amici!”

  1. Love the pictures! You tell a nice story Kev! Someday, soon I hope, I will get to see more of Italy. Enjoy and take in all the beauty and history that you can. Looking forward to your next update. Ciao!

  2. Kevin–your pictures of Florence are great! Brings back good memories from our trip to Italy. Sounds like you’re having a great
    time–keep the blogs coming! Love you Barry and Joyce

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