I know it has been quite some time since I have posted a new blog, I apologize, but there is always just so much to do and see here I rarely find time to use the internet when I have access to it. This post will be a long one though, to make up for the lack of posts over the past couple weeks. I have done so much and traveled a ton in the time since I my post. School has also been getting more intense, with a big presentation coming up and quizzes and tests galore. After the weekend in Firenze, some friends from the program and I took a quick train to a nearby lake, lake Trasimeno, and had a great day relaxing at the beach and exploring the beautiful town of Castiglione del Lago. It was absolutely beautiful, again the beauty is indescribable so I’ll let some of my pictures speak for themselves.

I decided to take a walk and explore the town and climb to the top of the mountain that the town sits on. On the way there I spotted an old fort on top of the mountain and decided to climb up to check it out. The roads and paths that led to it were beautiful.

When I got there the ruins were amazing and they had a huge stage inside of this ancient fort.

Once I got to the top of the city the views were incredible. I went back down to the beach and we all decided to take a much later train home and eat a great dinner on top of the city with these incredible views.

We took a late train back home right after we caught this amazing sunset.

The next day, we took a trip out to a family farm/vineyard in the Italian country side to learn how to make pasta and learn about sustainable farming. The farm was unbelievably beautiful and if that wasn’t enough the two family dogs had just had puppies, which were the possibly the cutest things in the world.

Not to mention one of the dogs looked exactly like my dog Toby

We ate a delicious breakfast with the most incredible view and with only food made and grown at the farm

The food was amazing and after this we took a tour around the farm. It was gorgeous, the vineyards, the views, it was incredible.

We passed the pigs which would be the source of the pork for our dinner, which was the most delicious pork that I’ve ever tasted. After the tour we got to learn how to make pasta from four generations of women in his family. It was so interesting and amazing to see how easy they made it look. After they showed us how it was done we got to give it a try and although I didn’t make it look so easy, I got it done.

After we had all made an absurd amount of pasta, we sat down for dinner. It was incredible, pasta that was made hours before, the most fresh and flavorful pork I’ve ever tried, and of course bottle after bottle of wine grown right on the farm. Needless to say it was a meal I won’t soon be forgetting. After dinner and some relaxing, some friends and I walked down the street to the neighborhood soccer field and played a little ball with the locals.

It was a once in a lifetime experience.

The following weekend I took a flight to Amsterdam to meet some friends for the weekend. I stayed with a friend who was studying in France. My flight took me right over the Swiss Alps which looked amazing even through the plane window.

When I arrived the architecture blew me away immediately. The train station is beautiful

and inside I had to chuckle when I saw this giant statue of a pair of clogs.

I met up with my friend Graham and we headed to our hostel, which was right in the center of town.

Our hostel was great, the room was pretty small and simple but the owner was a great guy and the hostel was also a bar which he ran everyday.

The street that our hostel was on was so lively and had tons of great bars and shops for us to explore.

Amsterdam was a beautiful city, the canals are amazing, the buildings are beautiful and the people were very welcoming as well. I would have more pictures but my camera died at a very inconvenient time, right before we arrived to the Van Gogh museum. The museum was beautiful. After that we went to see the Anne Frank house which was really moving and pretty incredible to think about. I took as many as I could though while we explored the streets.

I wish I would have had more time to spend in Amsterdam, I loved that city. One day I’ll go back.

This trip is turning out to be even more incredible than I thought. I want to travel forever now! Going home is going to be a big shock I think. I’m really looking forward to my last couple of weeks here in Perugia. In two weeks there is the Umbra Jazz Festival here which brings in people from all over the world. My roommates and I are going to see Santana, Prince, and BB King live! It’s a gigantic festival and I cannot wait because our apartment is right downtown! After my program finishes in two weeks, the owner of the farm that we went to offered my roommate and I the chance to live and work on his farm for a week or two if we want. I think that we will take that chance, it’s an incredible opportunity. After that, if I have money I’ll try to travel as much as possible, but who knows, as the italians say, “che sarà, sarà.”


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  1. I loved this Kev!!!! Pictures were amazing and I felt like I wanted to be AT that farm with those puppies! Great Amsterdam pic’s too! I love your blogs 🙂 So very fun to read. Keep up the good work! And if you get a job and end up living over there… make sure there is room for me 😉 Ciao!

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