Me? Procrastinator?

This blog is quite a testament to its title. I wrote this out at least three weeks ago in one of my classes and just haven’t typed it out. I guess it’s kind of fun to procrastinate on things that you can procrastinate on, like blogs. Anyways…I have never been someone to procrastinate. In fact, in the past I’ve tended to do quite the opposite, get all of my homework done for the week ahead of time so I could enjoy the week, sometimes “enjoying” the week by doing the next weeks homework. Sounds crazy, I know.  I guess I don’t like the feeling that I have homework hanging over my head so I’ve always been on top of it. But I’ve realized something… 

There is always something I could be doing.
But that doesn’t mean that I always should be doing homework (not that I’m always studying by any means).  I wouldn’t say that I’ve become a huge procrastinator here, but I would say that I’ve found more of a balance between staying on top of my homework and putting it off when I need to or want to. This is for a couple reasons.
First, I have much more time in Peru to push off homework so I really don’t have to stay on top of things because I know I’ll eventually get it done.  I’ve definitely found that it’s a lot easier to find time for schoolwork when you don’t have a job.
Secondly, in Peru, time management gets lost among the emphasis put on relationships and family. And I really like that. I could stay home and get ahead on my reading, or I could push it off and go to the movies. The latter option is obviously the more fun choice, but the non-procrastinator (and the do-er) in me pushes me to go for the first.  But one thing Peru has taught me is that building relationships and doing fun things with friends are the moments I’m going to remember in life (duh), not checking that last thing off my to-do list. I’m not going to look back on my life and marvel at the amount of things I accomplished because real lasting memories are made through relationships with others, enjoying life.

teaching Paola how to make chocolate chip cookies

I realize that this new view on life may slap me in the face when I get back to Madison and I actually have to manage my time, but I think I’ll be able to find a good balance.
Now to check “blog” off my to-do list.
Amor y Paz.