N here we go…

So the summer session just got under way – n t’was pleasant to see new faces all around after such a long time..the students are from all over the USA and all from diverse backgrounds – it was actually everyone’s first trip to India – so everyone was pumped up n ready to get over the jetlag so that they could have some fun

On the very first day, there were intro’s all around and orientations took place – we actually met a highly educated scholar Prof. Bapat who was an expert in International Politics – it was really interestin’ to hear his point of view on Obama’s various policies..he was kind enough to spare time and talk to us about what we should expect in this summer session and how we could exploit various parts to gain maximum knowledge and experience from it.

Today we actually went to the Aga Khan Palace – this is where Gandhiji was imprisoned by the British and where his wife Kasturba died – a memorial has been made for her and the “used to be” prison has now been converted into a museum – part of it is also a training centre for women looking forward to becoming social workers and spread the Gandhian thought throughout the villages of India.