A work-life balance? What it’s like working in London

A work-life balance? What it’s like working in London

What’s it like to be over half way through your study abroad program?

It’s the best time of your entire life!

I have spent the last three weekends in different countries, I have published an events listing guide as a writer, editor, marketing agent and designer. I have gotten a good chunk down on my paper, and I have meshed beautifully with a great group of friends.

(The only downfall is that I am missing the cookout for biddy, but a girl can’t do everything).

Have I really had that big of a change from my last couple posts to now? Why am I suddenly on cloud nine? My paper is due in a week, and Trafalgar square is full of squares dressed up in wizard’s clothes! (That was extremely sarcastic if I didn’t have to work and go to a lecture I’d be right there with them).

No the program hasn’t changed. I still have a hard time finding time to do my readings, and the last thing I want to do after 8 hours of work is a 2.5 hour class. The difference now is that I am beginning to adjust to the lifestyle.

For instance:

You’re late to work? Not really an issue.

You are too tired at work? Go take an hour walk.

Hungry? That’s another hour

You are here for 8 hours? Here’s an hour’s worth of work, hopefully you can get it done.

It’s Wednesday? Go to the pub with your coworkers.

It’s very different, but I suppose it works. British people have this thing, it’s called work-life balance (foreign concept I know), and it seems to work really well. People are a lot less stressed out and a lot more happy.  (This is probably an adjustment for the climate. If anyone had seasonal depression, lived in London, and had a crazy stressful job that would be a problem).

Here’s a little treat for you:

This is the June “template” version of Life In Colour events listings guide:

As you can see we had some design hiccups on the front side (the strange dimensions of the three boxes didn't work with the 6 part fold) but we got it straightened out.

It's a sneak peak of the July issue of the events listings guide I have been working on!

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