I just wish they'd give us our books….

Classes are underway and surprisingly exhausting…..we all felt like we were in high school again as we had class straight from 10-6 on Monday! But it’s a great (and tough) university, we learned today it is currently the 48th best school in the nation!

One annoying thing is that they don’t have organization regarding books. Every teacher has a general syllabus and we have to read MASSIVE amounts of pages for class and the book isn’ arriving until next week….then there are all these extra readings but we don’t know how to find these and aren’t buying 50 books here, so it’s frustrating because we all want to travel on weekends and need to not get behind. Our history professor is having us read this dictionary of Irish history in the 6 weeks time, so you can imagine how many pages we’re all behind…oh well.

Kind of funny that we take one class from an American professor from Michigan on Irish film and he had books waiting at the store and assigned readings and whatnot. But it definitely was a light bulb moment that maybe at times we’ve been spoon fed at Big 10 Universities and are realizing how other people operate (aka regular Trinity Students).

So I figured this would be the easiest way for anyone to check out pictures….the links below are to my facebook albums, you can check them out if you want!

Powerscourt gardens: (my favorite place)




Dublin Castle and St. Patricks Cathedral:


Trinity, dorm room, Dublin city:


Enough of this, the computer lab is about 100 degrees in here….a nice way to loose some weight! Off to a new pub!