Pig Slaughter and Paris

As promised a few months ago, two weekends ago I visited Bara’s village of Kvacice for the infamous pig slaughter.  And indeed it was a slaughter complete with blood, bones and intestines.

Need I say more?

It was a little unfortunate that I was only able to stay in Kvacice for one night, but not too unfortunate because the next day I left for Paris!  I met up with one of my best friends from high school who I literally haven’t seen in about a year.  Paris is a beautiful city, but I was ready to get back to Prague by the time I left.  Here are all the lovely details of my trip:

Transportation: Easy Jet flight

Lodging: St. Christopher’s Inn (hostel)

Travel buddies: Erin Klein

Hotspots visited: As many as humanly possible in one weekend.  It is a huge plus that most museums are free to students.

Favorite dish: Didn’t get to have too many of these, considering I’m a poor college student and Paris is crazy expensive.  Did enjoy a few gyros, though, and french fries with mayonnaise.  So French.

Favorite French drink: Red wine, of course.

Words I learned: Actually not too many.  French is incredibly hard for me to pronounce so I kind of forgot them all.

Facts I learned:  Just about all of Paris’ history on my free walking tour.  Also, the Mona Lisa is a lot smaller than I always imagined.

My best photos:

Closing remarks: So before I went to Paris, people told me to watch out for Parisians. I’ve been told they aren’t very nice to Americans. Naturally, I didn’t believe what people said so I decided to find out for myself. And, well, it’s actually kind of true. Many French have absolutely no concept of personal space. I did meet some nice French people I suppose, but
I also experienced a lot of bad luck in Paris so maybe that has something to do with my bitter attitude. Still glad I got to see the beautiful art and architecture of the city, though.



Next post coming up will be all about my Thanksgiving when my family came to visit!


Na Shled,