Man trifft sich zweimal im Leben

Translation from German:  You meet people twice in life.

I was told this quote by a German man I met in Berlin, and I really hope it applies to cities as well.  I would love to meet Berlin twice in life.  And you guessed it, this weekend I had the great pleasure of visiting Berlin, my third time in Germany.

I’m going to have to make this post a little short, though, considering I still have to catch up on my Thanksgiving/Family in Praha post, as well as write all my final papers and study for my final tests (I can’t believe I leave in 3 weeks.  Seriously, where has the time gone?).


Transportation: Bus, Orangeways, approx. 5.5 hours I think?

Lodging: Pangaea People Hostel

Travel Buddies: Sami, Kylie, Morris, Dan and Carly

Hotspots Visited: Opeth Concert!, multiple parts of the Berlin Wall, German-Russian Museum, Typography of Terror Museum, Christmas Market, a carnival outside of Alexanderplatz… and we really didn’t have a whole lot of time to see much more.  Berlin is huge!

Favorite Dish: Definitely not currywurst

Words I Learned: That proverb, though of course I had to look it up to remember.  I also relearned a few Hungarian words on the bus ride because Orangeways is a Hungarian coach so naturally when I watched Office Space it was dubbed over into Hungarian (which was actually really hilarious).  So in case you forgot the Hungarian I taught you, here it is again: “igen” means yes and “szia” means hello/goodbye.

Facts I Learned:  Berlin has the greatest graffiti and the greatest contemporary architecture.  Also, Germans know how to throw awesome carnivals. 
My Best Photos: 
Surprisingly did not take that many, but here are the best I suppose.

Awesome contemporary architecture of Berlin.
Graffiti on the Berlin Wall.
My attempted picture of the skyline. Berlin is prettier than this, I swear!
The amazing Beach Bar.
We got lost the first day and ended up in Erkner. This is not Berlin.

Closing Remarks: Berlin is awesome.  It really is the New York of Europe.  I wish I had more time there, though, especially since the public transportation was under construction and I allowed my friend Morris to be in charge of directions so naturally we got lost a few times and spent a lot of time on the metro.  I saw way too much of Alexanderplatz and only got to see two things on my list, but it’s all right because I still had a blast and that’s what really matters.  We even found the most amazing obstacle course in the world called Beach Bar right by the Berlin Wall.  Probably one of the greatest things I’ve ever accidentally stumbled upon.  Oh man, I miss Berlin.  I will be back one day.  Summer internship in Berlin?  If only…

Na Shled,