An Introduction to Chocolate

I have some bittersweet chocolate for you. The bitter? My friends are currently donning their sparkle dresses, pouring the champagne, and gussying up for Madison’s (or for that matter, Pasadena’s) last soirée of 2011, while I am sitting here, alone in the O’Hare airport, waiting to catch a plane. The sweet? I’m about to soar across the Atlantic Ocean, land in Heathrow airport, and officially begin 2012 in the fabulously hip and classy London, England. Now, I don’t know about you, but I like chocolate. And this sounds like one of the most particularly appetizing variety.

Bypassing the delightfully delicious chocolate talk, I’m thinking you might want a synopsis of me, otherwise known as a little bit of “Tessa Talk.” The basics: I’m a Journalism and French student. I know, I know. “Why aren’t you going to France?” Because I have been dreaming, actually dreaming, about studying abroad in London since the eighth grade. Yeah, I was a weird kid. Still am. But in the most endearingly nerdy kind of way, I promise. For other more interesting information, I have nothing. I like Harry Potter? I’m in Model UN! I really really really like chocolate, but I’m assuming you already might have assumed that based on the fact that I made a chocolate analogy within the very first sentence of this very first blog post.

Carrying on to British related news. I’ve spent the last three days packing and unpacking, packing and unpacking, making a list of everything that I need to pack, and then packing again. It’s been stressful and successful, and it’s been worth it. Because guess what? I’m going to London!!! I’ve got four and half months of interning, learning, and traveling ahead of me. To say that I am excited would be the understatement of all understatements. I’ll be interning for three days a week, riding the Tube to “work” and feeling fabulously un-touristy. Then, I’ll be learning. Taking two Journalism classes at City University and hopefully making buddy-buddies with some real Londoner classmates. And finally finally (I’ve been waiting all my life for this finally) I’ll be traveling. To Edinburgh. To Prague. To Brussels. To Dublin. To Athens. To Rome. To the Harry Potter Studio Tour (Eek!!!). And to the outskirts and “in”-skirts of London and back.

I’m excited. And you should be too. Because it’s happening here. Now. Next week. Two months from now and two seconds from now. I’m a blogger, and you’re a reader. Let’s be friends!

(This is cliché, but I’m going to do it anyway.) Cheers!

6 thoughts on “An Introduction to Chocolate”

  1. Marisa: No roommates. Or should I say flatmates. But it’s all good! I got to watch Crazy Stupid Love three times on the plane because I kept falling asleep.

    Auntie Julie: There’s another post coming soon!

    Mr. Everything’s-Impossible Stark: I’m eating chocolate as I type this. And it is great. And of course, I will bring some back. Of. Freaking. Course.

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