I can now put the time I have left until I leave into a matter of hours: 50. Fifty hours until I fly away to another country, and as I start to say my goodbyes I can’t help but think-why am I doing this? Then I think about that old cliche that says how goodbyes aren’t actually “goodbyes”, just “see you laters.” That’s cute and all, but to me, “see you later”  means, I just wasted the whole day with you watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and I need to go home and shower before we finally start to study. “See you later” refers to a matter of hours, not months, and 5 months sounds a lot more like a “goodbye” than a “see you later.”

Although the goodbyes are hard, that’s not to say that I haven’t lost all my excitement to go. It really hit me once I was all packed. After weeks of ignoring the task, I finally did work the other day. Four hours later, I had a 50 pound suit case and a backpack the size of a large farm animal filled with my life’s belongings.

Here’s a picture of me wearing my super cool backpack.

My mom doesn’t want me to take the backpack. She says that it screams, “I’m an American tourist! Please rob me!” But I told her she couldn’t be more wrong. I think the backpack makes me look hard core. It says, “Don’t touch me or I’ll knock you out with this thing.” I’m pretty sure Super Woman has one, and nobody messes with her. Another plus with the oversized backpack is that I can basically fit anything I want in it. Seriously. I debated stuffing a coffee maker in there just because I knew I could. I recommend all future travelers invest in one of these backpacks. The amount of cool points you earn just from owning one is well worth the money spent…

I just looked at the clock, and it looks like I only have 49 hours left. (Yes, it’s taking me over an hour to write this post). I can’t believe where the time went. Three months ago, I found out I got into the study abroad program at the University of Leeds. January felt like a million years away, and the idea of me studying abroad seemed like a joke I was playing on myself. I was so certain I would forget to turn in a deposit or screw something up and not be able to go. Looks like I managed to do everything right…

Next time I update this, I’ll be typing on British soil. Ready or not, England, here I come.