Roman Winter Wonderland

I distinctly recall my Italian professor back at Madison telling me before I left: “It never snows in Italy.” And being from Rome herself, I figured she would be a credible source to trust. Well, I guess not because………………it snowed. Italy gets two inches and goes into serious panic mode. Sure it may have been the biggest snowfall in 24 years and only the second snowfall in 15 years, but this was nothing. I dare these Italians to attempt a Minnesota winter.

Rome shut down all transportation, closed down every shop and restaurant, and cancelled all schools. So today was a SNOW DAY! …………because of two inches of snow.

Most of us Americans (although we have experienced snow many times) did not come prepared for this weather. Because my teacher told me “it never snows in Italy,” I figured I could pack another bathing suit instead of my rain boots, hat, and gloves. Well, it turns out I will be seeing more snow than beach weather. Luckily I did bring my winter jacket, so I am not completely hopeless.

Although it has been extremely cold and uncomfortable, it is nice to see some snow this winter. Me and my roommates went out to take pictures of all of the snow and finally fit in with all of the Italians because they were doing the exact same thing. Romans were amazed by the snow. We saw snowball fights everywhere, little kids making snowmen on top of garbage cans, and even one guy cross-country skiing.

Here are a few pictures me and my friends took: