Take Me Away Casanova

YES I am talking about the one and only Venice! What can I say? I’m in love. From the striped-shirt men steering the gondolas to the masks, full-out costumes, and canals as streets, I’ve been swept off my feet just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Me and my friends Kelly, Emily and Emily had an amazing time in Venezia! …Even with the nasty weather, which included wind, snow and very chilly temperatures.

Red noses on the water bus.

We were in Venice for their annual tradition, Carnevale, a.k.a. the most extravagant and fabulous festival you can imagine. Everyone dresses up in grand costumes with masks and parades around the town. Here are a few examples of what we got to see:

We also went to the famous island of Murano to view a glass blowing demonstration and look at all of the amazing glass.

At night we booked a Murder & Mysteries tour. Masks were mandatory and Francesco, our guide, had the perfect Venetian charm to explain the scary stories of Venice. The tales consisted of beef stew made of humans (true story he says), murders and secret passageways and escapes.

My favorite story he told was about a princess who falls in love with a pauper…of course. Her father was furious at this news and said if she were to marry a carpenter, it would be Jesus Christ (hehe), so he forced her into a nunnery. She planned her escape and as she climbed down the tower to run off with her true love, her father caught her. In a fury of rage he killed his own daughter and placed a curse on her: Until the place burns to dust, she was doomed to haunt the church. Still standing today, the church is said to hold the ghost of this princess. However, they say she is a happy ghost and helps other girls with the same problem be with their true loves.

The princess's house. Her "empty" sarcophagus is also in the garden area.
Trying on masks in the shops.
Our final mask choices.

Besides the parade of people all dressed up, we watched the Flying of the Angel. A women “flew” from the top of the tower (San Marco Campanile) down to the edge of the San Marco Palazzo Square.

The Flying Angel
The Fountain of Wine...literally, in the San Marco Palazzo Square.

Now for some scenic pictures:

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!! Buon San Valentino!