The Bechtol’s in Beijing!

During my heinous 31 hour train experience I often visualized the moment when I would see my family coming out of the airport gates and arriving in the flesh here in China. Knowing my family supports me from the other side of the world is a fantastic feeling. My parents have sent cards, gum, and candy, but just knowing they are thinking of me is enough. When my mom confirmed that she, my sister, AND my dad were going to make it out I thought I was going to explode!!!

Their visit included every famous tourist sight in Beijing, dinner at a Uyghur restaurant, Chinese acrobatics, Beijing duck dinner with one of my best friends in Beijing, Hunan- spicy food!- with my tutor and her boyfriend, a vegetarian dinner with a Chinese friend, a 5 day trip to Shanghai via fast train, a day trip to Tianjin, and a visit to Mutianyu Great Wall.

It would take way too long to go through all of those events in detail, but it was awesome to be together with my family after five months. My dad kept cracking jokes that I could actually be speaking jibberish and I was pretending to know what was going on, my mom constantly practiced her chopstick skills, and my sister thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed the masses of people and lack of personal space.

When I took them back to the airport I really wasn’t expecting to cry… I thought knowing that I will be home in May was going to keep me from getting upset.  But after we enjoyed a delicious meal of airport Burger King and I took them to the security gate, it hit me how I wasn’t going with them…