2nd Semester Favorites

Now that the sun is always shining here in the almost desert that is Spain, Retiro Park, a huge green space in the center of the city, is a favorite for the majority of the population. Everyone is overjoyed by the weather that is breaking up “winter” even though a Wisconsin fall would be more similar to their “winter” here in Spain. Families are all around with their kids and bikes and carriages and for us university kids, picnics and sunbathing are in order. Its so lovely! We have already spent several Sunday afternoons catchin’ some rays with some Spanish magazines near by and all in good company.

As far as classes go, I am really enjoying the courses I have chosen, which is saying a lot because we just finished midterms! I am taking Reunidas classes about dialectology, Islam and the art in the Prado Museum here in Madrid. I am really enjoying the classes about Islam and the Prado, if any of you out there are future WIPTers, you should look into these classes for your time here and see if they fit your fancy. I believe they count back as culture classes at UW-Madison if you still need credits like that.

This is one of 2 mosques in Madrid. We visited it on my birthday with our professor and stayed after for lunchtime in the restaurant. On the wall is written the profession of faith (one of Islam’s 5 pillars) in Spanish.

One of the highlights  of the semester so far was the Real Madrid game several other WIPTers and I attended. We played Espanyol from Barcelona and we crushed them 5-0!! ¡HALA MADRID!

Now that my flight home is booked, everything seems to be going so fast! I feel like just 2 days ago I had more than 3 months left here and now I only have around 2.5! ahh! I have so much yet to see that, of course, a return trip will be in my future. Not to mention (hopefully) countless other trips to European countries and other parts of the world!