London, England – Westminster

Ever since I traveled to Europe, specifically Ireland and Poland several summers ago, I’ve been anticipating my return.  For that reason, when the opportunity to study at the University of Westminster in London this upcoming Fall semester presented itself, I knew I had to take advantage.  Travel, for me, has always been the greatest teacher.  Ethnocentric tendencies are lost as a sense of self-confidence prevails.  I have been taught far more lessons outside the walls of a classroom. These same results, I am sure, will occur this time around.

London, being the cultural city that it is, I am convinced that I will receive a well-rounded education while immersing myself in British culture.  In the past, my few perceptions of the nation revolved around fish and chips, Austin Powers’ movies and even Harry Potter traveling through London’s Platform Nine and Three-Quarters.  However, recently, last semester, I had the privilege of taking a British Literature course here on campus, introducing myself to works of John Keats and William Wordsworth, to name a few.   Although replacing the inspirational work of Mike Myers with William Wordsworth may seem blasphemous to some, I look forward to taking poetry and other literature classes while I am abroad.  I have also enrolled to take The History of Jack the Ripper, which is sure to not disappoint and Art and Society of London, a class designed for abroad students to travel to local museums and other historical sites.

Courses, as you know, are only a small portion of my time overseas.  I plan to make it to other European countries on our extended weekends.  Even though I will be missing Badger football season, I am sure to replace missed game days here with real football overseas.  Also, taking the tube to class will be a nice change of pace, as I’ll be sure to Mind the Gap!  I can’t think of a better way to begin my junior year, and look forward to keeping you all updated along the way!