No Hay Dos Sin Tres

The link is to the official song for the Eurocup, which is going on right now in Europe. This song is played pretty much every 15 minutes during the news at home and also really often at the discos around here. Everyone is really into “fútbol” here and finally I fit in! So far I’ve gone out to watch three of the games, and the fans are incredible. I could only compare it to how it is during the Superbowl- only this is for EVERY game.

After our day at the bullfight we went to a local irish pub, Hannigans, where we drank Irish cider and cheered in Spanish for Spain to win. It was a cultural experience to say the least.


And Spain won. GOOOOOOOL!

Click on the link to watch the video:

This was only the first game I attended; I’ve seen them since beat Ireland and Croatia, tonight they play France.

¡Vamos España! Here we go Spain. Somos ganadores, ¿no?