The Day I Didn’t Have My Camera

31 May, 2012
I forgot to bring an essential part of my trusty, SLR camera, but here are some of the shots I took with my compact camera.

We went to a street with many tea shops and art galleries. We were lucky enough to be invited in for tea. We tried Wolong and Concubine tea, which were both delicious.


Inside the tea shop.


The Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests, one of the three altars at the Temple of Heaven


Detail on the exterior of the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests


Reflection of the temple


Later that night, reunited with my camera, we enjoyed a delicious dinner with our graduate student friends, compliments of the History department, to celebrate our time in Beijing and to say good bye.
We ordered a lot of food; starting with appetizers of sweet pears.


Pear balls and shrimp


We dug right into the first main course


We shared stories and laughs. We certainly miss them and our time in Beijing.


The dirty dishes began to pile up at the end of our table. We ended up ordering over 23 different dishes.


Ordering our third round of food. We had to take breaks between courses.


For dessert, we ordered this "cheese fish." As Wisconsinites, we didn't really accept this as cheese. It was more like pudding, but we enjoyed it anyway.