And I Would Walk Seven Miles, and I Would Walk Seven More Just to see the Mile High Point

The title was inspired by the Proclaimers:

And seemed a bit more tasteful than “Joining the Mile High Club.”

My friends and I pre-hike, very ambitious

Seeing as we were the second group to venture up into the Sierra Nevadas (because we didn’t madly dash to the board to sign up and missed our chance) we actually had a better idea of what we were getting into the next two days.

Hopping on the bus to Las Alpujarras at 8:30 in the morning was kind of rough, considering it’s a two hour ride though the mountains you’ll want a some music and if you can stomach reading while in a car, grab a good book as well.

We got there sooner than I thought we would and were soon shuttled into a little room in the basement of a tour guide hut to eat a snack and apply copious amounts of sunscreen (well we were supposed to at least). But in all seriousness don’t forget your sunscreen or Miguel will insist on calling you a “gamba”(shrimp) after you burn – not that I know from experience or anything.

Knowing that the next two days consisted of some pretty serious hiking made them so much easier and plus I’ve always loved hiking.

Before I forget: 1L bottle of agua – I’m serious, don’t second-guess me. I even brought 1L and another small water bottle the second day but I’m getting ahead of myself.

The first town we made it too was the cutest little town, where we didn’t see one local but were given chocolate to “re-energize” – whatever that means. We didn’t argue.

The pattern in these flowers was amazing.

After reaching two more towns and crossing the gorge we ended up at our lunch place.

My friend Jessica pointing to the town where we started earlier that day. Kind of impressive, right?

When we finally made it back to the hostel six hours later we had only hiked about 7 miles, but there was a lot of “subir/bajar” and we felt it in our legs.

The second day meant making it to the mile high point and then exploring the towns on the other side of the mountain.

Made it!
Decided to rock climb…

… ended up in a cave beneath the mile high rocks.

Our whole group made sure to take advantage of everything we could, after the mile high point the rest of the day felt like a breeze. Fourteen miles later we arrived back at our town, grabbed our things, and hit the road back to Granada.

Sierra Nevadas…check.





3 thoughts on “And I Would Walk Seven Miles, and I Would Walk Seven More Just to see the Mile High Point”

  1. Que maravilloso, Liv! Justo hoy, tu Mama me dijo de tu blog, y yo voy a leerlo con envidia y alegria. Que Dios te bendiga en tu viaje, mi sobrina!
    Te amo!
    Tia Becki

  2. JMJ/MTA

    Such a great adventure & experience you are having Livvy Love!

    God Bless and keep you safe,super much love(and afew prayers

    also!) Papa Jack and Gramsy

  3. I am reading, “and I would walk 7 miles and I would walk ……..” and I’m hearing in my head, “Oh I would walk 500 mi and I would walk 500 more” and thinking, “Oh Liv, you’re wrong” and then I signed onto your blog and all became clear, of course! Thump on the head, duh. Once again, I am loving “our” trip to Spain. Keep it up!

    All love, as ever, Nana

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