Day 1: Puno

After a day filled with many tears and too many goodbyes, my next adventure began. I took an evening flight out of Buenos Aires to Lima, and the next day I headed for Puno, Peru. Although I am travelling alone in a country I know nothing about, it all has seemed much easier since I can confidently rely on my Spanish.

Puno is the jump off point for many who are visiting Lake Titicaca and Bolivia, and was a huge change of scenery for me coming from a city like Buenos Aires. There aren’t buildings much higher than 2 or 3 stories, it’s very dusty, and everything is pretty brown. Lake Titicaca is the highest lake in the world coming in at about 4,000 meters above sea level. I never thought the altitude would bother me, but after a couple hours in Puno I could tell I was in trouble. Light headed, headache, tired, and couldn’t catch my breath easily. I took a stroll through town, grabbed my first coca tea to try and ease my altitude sickness, and grabbed a drink at a local bar. My first pisco sour in Peru wasn’t too shabby, and I met some Peruvian and French friends! Already having a horrible single dining experience in Puerto Iguazu, I learned from my mistake and grabbed some food to go. It’s rare for hostels and hotels in Puno or Cusco to have heat, space heaters don’t help whatsoever, and once the sun sets this time of year it’s freezing, so I had to snuggle deep under about 5 alpaca blankets before I could attempt to try and get some sleep.