Mid-flight insomnia

I’m finally here (as in Europe)! Well, almost…as I type I am on my overseas flight to London! In less than 3 hours my body will be totally out of whack and I will have moved forward 6 hours in time…cool right? It makes no sense why I am wide awake, as I managed a mere 3 hours of sleep last night, but I decided to put my excitement to good use!

The past few days has been crazy, to say the least. In hindsight I can say that my grand idea to make money and work up until I leave may have not been the best, but hey I’m more productive when I’m on a timecrunch and we all know I pack the night before anyways–not like a free 24 hours would have started my frenzy any earlier! It was definitely a struggle to cram in all the last minute errands and goodbyes with everyone who I wish I could have seen more all summer, but studying abroad has a monetary price I was willing to compensate my social life for. In the end, this is going to be a worthwhile adventure, and i’m just getting a glimpse of that!

As some of you may or may not know, my study abroad experience begins August 2nd, and I’ll be able to drop myself right in the middle of Bonn, Germany, and test my adaptation skills. Sooo what do I have planned for the next two weeks in between?! This, I can say, is the unknown variable!

My older sister, Morgan, has taken it upon herself (although that sounds like a chore I promise you it’s not) to take a few weeks off work and join me on this excursion for the next 14 days! As part of the Lyons clan, it’s almost inevitable that we are literally grabbing life by the horns and running with it…or, in other words, have no idea what we are In for! The unexpected is bound to creep up on us, but as in all our family vacations before we will (hopefully!) somehow manage to survive. Between the jumble of opposite work schedules and vacations, we have just barely touched the surface of plans! Haha, that being said, we’ve still got a few days with no hotel reservations. And is that a problem? Nope! I’ve got faith that it’ll work out…ahem, hopefully in the next 24 hours. Cross your fingers! And not to make it seem like we are clueless, as we have overnight, travel, and basic entertainment plans, but let’s just say I am sure we are in for a surprise!!

The next two weeks will take Morgan and I through London, Stuttgart, Schwangau, Salzburg, Leipzig, and Berlin before depositing us off on the steps on Bonn, and I am ready for every bit of history, architecture, cuisine, and culture that will accompany us on this trip.

Here’s to hoping the Olympic crowds don’t knock us off our feet, we learn how to navigate the Tube, and can successfully maneuver our (slightly too jam-packed) luggage!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen!