Leaving on a Jet Plane

So here we are at the end. Here I am at the end. What am I suppose to say about that? I cannot believe that I have been in New Zealand for a year and that I am about to go home and be back in America.

This year has been fantastic. More has happened in this past year than I could have ever anticipated. I cannot even write at the moment. I’ve been dreading writing this entry for the past week. I always could put it off due to packing or studying for exams, etc. Now I am on a flight to last me ages so might as well just write.

So this year has had plenty of positives AND negatives. I know everyone boasts about study abroad being the best time of your life and it truly has been. However, it is not just because of the good times and experiences but has been from the tribulations of the year. The differences from first semester to second semester has also been crazy. First semester was so interesting in it being everyone’s first time. Everyone was so excited and gung ho about traveling. Second semester everyone was really excited and I’d already done everything. Now that is a fairly

Beautiful leaving along with the sunset. Sunset on my departure. It really is a struggle to say something else about it. More to come later as I think about it.