Pam in South Korea

Four hours flight to San Francisco and eleven hours flight to South Korea was the longest and most tiring trip ever!  I slept through most of the flight, but it was so uncomfortable.  It was also my first time being on an airplane.  Luckily, I had two other friends, who are also studying abroad in South Korea, accompany me on the flight there.


While in Korea, I had to try their Korean food!  Korean foods are the best!  One of their dish that I will introduce today is called 삼겹살 (sam gyeop sal).  They give you some raw thin sliced meat and you grill it yourself on a grill in front of you!  After the meat is cooked, you dip the meat into some sauce that seems to be sesame oil and salt. You put the meat on a piece of lettuce along with Kimchi, red paste, onions, and whatever dish they provide you.  It’s so good!

An amazing dessert that I recently found in South Korea is called 빙수 (bing sue).  It has shave ice at the bottom along with fresh fruits and ice cream or yogurt.

Interesting fact:  Korean people always have side dishes along with their main dish.  I recently learned during a tour, that if you have a higher social status, the more side dishes you will get.  Also Korean food is considered to be pretty healthy.  If you’re looking for a good diet, you should try eating 비빔밥 (bibimbap).  It consists of rice and mostly vegetables.  김치(Kimchi), which is pickled or fermented cabbage, is also considered to be good for your health, because it has a lot of fiber.


One of the places that my friends and I couldn’t wait to try was to go Karaoke.  Korea has a lot of Karaoke places.  Here in Korea, they are called 노래방 (no lay bang).  They have Korean songs and American songs that you can choose from to sing.  For one hour we paid 20000 KW, which is about $20.  However, if the people who works there are nice, they can give you free service!  Meaning, they give you more minutes to sing and to use the Karaoke room.  That night my friends and I were given two extra hours of singing!  My throat sure did hurt afterwards.


The weather here in Korea has been pretty humid and hot.  On Tuesday August 28, a typhoon hit South Korea.  A typhoon is a storm that produces heavy storm and rain.  This typhoon is called Typhoon Bolaven.  It was suppose to be the most powerful typhoon in a decade.  Although there were damages in some part of Korea, the storm did not do much damage in Seoul.  Therefore I am doing fine.  It’s currently really rainy now and will be for the rest of this week.

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