Thoughts on Korea

It was about two weeks before my departure when it really hit me that I was going to be coming to South Korea.  It was crazy to think at that time, because summer went by fast.  I had two jobs over the summer, and I was busy being occupied with my jobs.  Before I knew it, it was already time for me to head to South Korea.  I remember just applying to study abroad.  Korea came too fast and I didn’t want to leave the States yet.  But I made it to Korea!  It’s almost two weeks since I’ve been here and it already feels like I’ve been here forever!  I feel like Korea is no different from America.  I’m surrounded by foreign students, because we all live in the same dorm. We also just started class yesterday and they’re all full of foreign students as well. I guess it kind of depends on what classes you take, because if you take bigger classes there will be Korean students.  However, I heard that if you want to meet Korean people, you’ll have to initiate it first, because they won’t.

While being here in Korea, I found Korea to be a very interesting place.  They have a beautiful culture.  The first place that I went to see in Korea is their palace.  The palace that we went to is called Gyeongbok Palace.  It’s a pretty historical place because the emperors’ used to live here.