One Day City Tour of Seoul

Our school had an option to go on a city tour.  Therefore, we were able to go see a few places here in Seoul.

Our first stop was Korea’s Blue House.  It’s like America’s White house. We weren’t able to go inside to see it, because we were told that it would be hard to get in with all the security.

Me trying archery, the Korean way!

We went and had lunch at a Korean restaurant.  It was a buffet style for this dish in the picture called 비빔밥 (bibimbap).  It’s a dish consist of mostly vegetables and rice. Since it was a buffet we could add whatever vegetables we want.  This dish is considered good for your diet.

A Buddhist temple in Gangnam.

We went to a museum where I was able to write my name in Korean and say that I am from the United States.