Traditional Korea

One of my friends, who is also from UW-Madison, is studying abroad at Ehwa University.  She invited me to go on a trip with a group of hers to see a traditional Korean house.  While there we were taught a traditional tea ceremony and was also given the opportunity to wear a traditional Korean clothing called 한복 (Hanbok).

When drinking tea, there is a certain way on how to drink your tea.  You have to bring the tea cup to your belly button first, and then you bring it up to your nose to smell it and then you can drink the tea.

There are certain postures in placing your hands when pouring tea.  The reason why the left hand is under the right hand is because back in the old days, they wore long traditional clothes.  If they did not put their hand there, their sleeves would get in the way.

There is also a certain way of holding the bowl too!  When pouring tea, you have to pour to your guests first.  You pour tea to yourself last in case you run out of tea.

Finally, I was able to wear a beautiful traditional Korean Hanbok.