I was so lucky to be able to attend a Korean concert.  It was a free concert as well.  It felt like a dream that was unrealistic.  I was able to see my favorite Korean band named Shinee.  Being at this concert was actually not as crazy as I thought.  If you are a big Kpop fan, you would understand what I’m talking about.  While watching the concert, everyone who was seated was so calm.  Only the crazy fans are up in the standing section.  Kpop is so huge here in Korea.  They’re really into bands like girl groups and boy groups.  Each group has a color that distinguishes their group and a fan club with unique names.  In their groups they always have to have at least a main vocal, a dancer, and a rapper.  Korea is really into trends.  Here is a very popular website that international Kpop fans go to to be updated on the Kpop industry.

Currently, there is a man named Psy, and he came out with a music video called Gangnam Style.  His song is really popular right now along with his dance move, called the horse dance, that he does in the music video. He has also been coming to the United States because that song seems to be garnering attention there as well.  He’s been to the Dodger’s Game, which was the Los Angeles Dodgers verse the San Francisco Giants.  He has also been seen on the Ellen Show with Brittney Spears, which will be airing soon. 

Check out his music video!

Seating sections


Various Korean artists


Me holding Shinee balloons!