Arrival in London

We officially touched down in London this past Sunday morning. We were greeted by a representative from the University of Westminster driver who conveniently escorted us to our flat at Alexander Fleming Hall. The 45-minute ride itself, appropriately accompanied by the cabbie’s Adele CD, allowed us to get a feeling for our new home. I immediately took note of the self-proclaimed, “The Best American Pizza Shop” outside of our dorm for what appears to have become my temporary replacement Ian’s.

Upon initial arrival to the city there are several things that hit you right away from an American perspective. Of course, the obvious, you can’t hop into the right front seat of a cab, unless you feel like driving, check the left side of the road while you’re crossing, and make sure to heed their advice and mind the gap. Public transportation here is extremely efficient in comparison to back home, and only takes a few days to become comfortable with. There is a constant influx of people in the London Underground, I can’t imagine what it must have been like for the Olympics. Fashion is also of the held at a higher standard here. Let’s just say you couldn’t walk around in your Hawaiian shirt here, in public, that is. I even attempted to login to make one last feeble attempt at putting my fantasy football team in the right direction and was mistakenly taken to Yahoo’s UK Fantasy Football.

Day two here was spent at the University of Westminster Orientation. We learned of upcoming modules’ deadlines (classes), sports and societies, and other information along those lines. The University made sure to reiterate, that here, unlike at our own university, rules and deadlines are followed to a T. I’ll be taking an Art and Society of London course, dedicated to visiting some of the local museums and writing papers critiquing what we see. Also, we received our ticket for the popular international student boat cruise, taking place this Wednesday on the Dutch Masters, travelling down the Thames River. Kind of like the V 100.7 Margarita Boat cruise in Milwaukee, only slightly different… (

Today, we made sure to head on the Tube, destined for to the London Eye, located right next to the Thames and Parliament. We stopped by to visit Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, stopped by for a pint at the Red Lion Pub, viewed some street performances, and St. Paul’s Cathedral. We’re working on possibly solidifying plans for next weekend to travel to Munich, Germany for Oktoberfest as well. Off to watch some Champions League… Never a dull moment across the pond, hope you all can visit…