Overnight Trip to Cesky Krumlov

This past weekend CIEE offered the option of an overnight academic trip to the quaint, romantic town of Cesky Krumlov, three hours outside of Prague. This was a chance to experience, for more than just one day, the beauty of the Czech town without the constant bustle of the city that we experience everyday in Prague. It was a gorgeous, relaxing and enlightening weekend spent among narrow cobble stone streets and inside galleries and authentic sit-down restaurants.

Immediately when we arrived we saw the main attraction of the town—the view from the Cesky Krumlov castle and the castle gardens (English and French style gardens).  It was sunny andwarm—perfect Fall weather. The trees were in the midst of changing colors beneath us. Truly a beautiful sight. The countryside actually reminded me of Madison in the Fall!

This is the castle tower in the heart of Cesky Krumlov
A view of the Vltava that runs through the middle of the town. I would see this view every morning as I sipped my coffee on the bridge overlooking the river.
Egon Schiele Gallery!!! This was a wonderful exhibition and I’m bringing home three prints! Definitely the highlight of the trip.
I quick snapped a picture of the inside of the Baroque theater before the guide told me no pictures (woops).


On the way home we stopped in a city called Trebon, where a local Bohemian brewery resides. It was raining and we were miserable, but then our guide took us to the cellar where we actually started tasting the beer. Our whole group immediately perked up.

In Trebon at the local brewery. We got to taste the beer along the way and take home some samples.


Brewery at Trebon

At night, CIEE gave us a small amount of cash to get dinner on our own and explore the nightlife. The first night we went to an authentic Czech restaurant off the main square where they cooked huge hunks of meat on a fire right before us. Pretty daunting for a vegetarian. After the meal we walked around and were compelled by the sounds of jazz floating through the streets. Two blocks down, a trio was playing in the café by the Egon Shiele gallery. It was amazing that this group of three musicians practically made the streets of Cesky Krumlov vibrate. It was an incredible, spontaneous show and a chill end to the evening.

The weekend was a lovely escape from the onset of the stress of school and the busy streets of Praha. However, leaving the city makes me realize how much I truly love Prague and am comfortable living there. I was definitely ready to get back to this place that has truly become my home.