Shopping in Korea

Korea has a lot of different places that you can shop at.  They have department stores or markets that you can go shop at.  Also in Korea, they have areas with stores that seem almost like an outlet mall.  Department stores are more expensive than the markets.  My friends and I like going shopping at the market more.  We have gone to Dongdaemun market.  These markets are set up where there is a floor for women, then men, then accessories and shoes, and restaurants at the top.  Here in Korea, these markets have little stalls set up by different people.  Usually a lot of the owners’ products are the same.  There are some good things and bad things about these markets.  The good thing is that here, you can bargain with the owners for a lower price for the product that you are buying.  Also I heard that it’s best to pay for the products in cash, because that way you can get a lower price.  Usually they will tell us that if we want to buy their product they will give it to us at a lower price but it makes us think if that lower price was actually the original price.  If you really want the product for a cheaper price, you have to keep on insisting and usually they’ll let.  Just make sure you know your Korean.  Sometimes we get nice owners and some that aren’t so nice.  It’s important that if you don’t want to buy their product, you shouldn’t touch it.  Because if you do and act like you’re going to buy it, but in the end you don’t, they will get mad at you.

In Korea, they measure their size differently from the States.  If you want a medium shirt, the size is 100 and if you want a large, the size is 105.  Usually though, a lot of the shirts that I have gotten here are free size, meaning it fits all.  They’re pretty big and supposed to look kind of oversize for thinner people, but because I am thicker, they fit perfectly! Also they measure their shoe size differently from the States.  All I know is that size 8 or 9 is around size 250 here.  It’s actually not hard to figure out, because the Korean people that I have met so far are pretty good at guessing my size and giving me the correct things so I just end up knowing what my size is.