Gymkana: International Olympics


For the past week or so I have been participating in something called GYMKANA with Companeros PUCP. Basically, GYMKANA is an olympics with international students and their companeros. The games are separated into two parts. The first part is kind of like a scavenger hunt/tasks that we must accomplish. For example we had to gather bottle caps, boxers with hearts, translate the Peru national anthem into many different languages and make some music videos. The second part of the games is the more physical stuff against the other teams like tug of war, human pyramid, and the Amazing Race. We had 1 week to complete all the tasks as a team for the first part. So, naturally we had a lot of fun GIO-2.jpg meeting our team members and doing some crazy stuff around campus. My favorite was the videos we had to make. One task was to learn the “Thriller” dance and perform it on the Tinkuy balcony (Tinkuy is like our union) so all the passer-bys would see. After finally figuring out that 10 people from our team wanted to participate, I learned the Dance along with my housemates Karli and Kevin so that we could teach everyone else the next day. I have to say, I thought it looked pretty good! The next day we met on campus with the rest of the group, taught the dance in about 1.5 hours and then got our makeup on (zombie-like of course!) and blasted the music in the Tinkuy. It was hilarious. People stopped to watch us and people were taking pictures with their phone. We’re famous! The next video was Gagnam Style. Our challenge was to again have 10 people learn the dance and perform it in the middle of the Sciences Building. So once again, I found myself learning another dance and performing it with my fellow teammates in a spot full of other students who would crowd around and watch. It was really funny, especially since I knew 2 girls in the crowd who are in my choir class. I’m pretty sure they never expected me (the quiet one) to do anything like that. I think they enjoyed it though! The goal of the videos was for it to look most like the original….which was a little tough since Gagnam Style is a crazy music video. Unfortunately, we didn’t win for Gagnam Style and we tied with 2 other teams for Thriller. But it was still really fun making the videos and meeting Equipo Azul! I think we all have a bond now and plus, I’ve made more friends! I’m glad that we did the videos and put in a strong effort because then yesterday the harder games began and it definitely helped to have team spirit! We had so many chants including a Spanish version of the “Bring it On!” GIO-3.jpg cheer: “Brrr, hace frio aca. Hay azul en la Catolica. Dice Oi Oi Oi, Ice, Ice, Ice!” It was so much fun hanging out and doing ridiculous things. The hardest challenge of the day was the Amazing Race. We had to run all over campus finding clues and completing a task before given the next one just like the show. It was insane. All the teams are competing but only one would win so we were dying by the end of it. Also, Charllotte and I were in a food eating contest. I had to feed her and Charllotte had to eat all the food given the fastest. It was too funny having her eat out of my hand, me spilling water all over her and hear everyone screaming for us. HILARIOUS. After a long day of GYMKANA (like 8 hours of it), it was finally time to announce the winners. Our rivals Equipo Rojo won 1st place and we got 2nd. Although we are kind of bitter about that, we still had fun! As much fun as I had with Equipo Azul, I am glad it’s over. It took a lot of energy out of everyone! However, Equipo Azul plans on having a party sometime in the future and I can’t wait to see them all again!