Busan 부산

The bridge where the fireworks were being shot from!

This past weekend, I went to Busan with a few friends.  Busan is in the southern part of South Korea.  The people there also have an accent.  So far, I would have to say that Busan looks the most beautiful.  We went to Busan that weekend to check out one of their famous festival called the Fireworks Festival.  It’s supposed to be the best firework event in Korea!  It really was! The fireworks were shot at a beach in Busan.  This year was their 8th annual firework show.  We came to Busan on a Friday and went to see a Kpop concert.  Saturday was supposed to be the firework show, but it rained all day so it was canceled and postponed to Sunday.  We even delayed our train ride back to Seoul, because we wanted to see the fireworks so bad.  Well, that was our main reason for going to Busan in the first place anyways.  We waited for hours until it started and the beach was packed with people by night time! The firework show didn’t start until 8PM and it lasted for 50 minutes.  They even played music during the firework show.

Look at the sign I found on the ground!!! I always wanted a Korean sign for concerts!
People waiting for the show to get started! By night time, there was even more people!

There’s another interesting story that happened to us while watching the firework show.  Next to us were a man and his son who came from another city to watch the fireworks for the first time.  They realized that we were not Korean, because we were talking in English and asked where we were from.  We got into some small talks here and there.  His son is 13 years old, and his dad has been teaching him English since he was four years old.  Therefore, we didn’t have a hard time communicating with them.  At the end of the firework show, the dad asked us to go eat dinner with them.  He kindly bought us all dinner and helped drive us back to the station where we had to depart.  I guess he was being kind to us because we are foreigners.

One of the dish the man bought us! It was yummy!

Because I’m Asian and in an Asian country, I wonder if people can tell that we’re foreigners.  Sometimes they can, and sometimes they don’t, because they will come up to us for directions.  Sometimes I wonder how they feel hearing Asian people talking in English.  Some people just stare at us, but some actually are interested in us and actually talk to us.  Also because we’re Asian, the first place they think of where we’re from is not the United States, but some other country like China.  For example, our hostel people thought that we were from China, Thailand, Laos, or Vietnam, because of our names or last names.  When we try to tell them that we are Hmong, they don’t know what Hmong is and think that we are from Mongolia, but we always have to clear that up.  Then we have to go through the explanation of who the Hmong people are and where they’re from.  I really don’t mind.  We already kind of figured out that people will probably not know who the Hmong people are.  Everywhere we go, it’s probably going to be like that.