Namsam Tower 남산

I recently went to Namsan Tower here in Seoul.  My friends and I went at night so it was really pretty.  Namsan is one of the main tourist attractions here.  It’s really famous for its view of the city of Seoul.  It has many things for people to see and enjoy.  They have a restaurant, a teddy bear museum, and other observatory areas.  Most importantly, Namsan tower is famous for couples.  Usually couples go there to leave a message on a lock or a tile to put there.  Korea is actually really big on couples, romance, and love.  You see it everywhere.  It’s in their songs and dramas, and you can definitely tell that certain areas are made for couples.  Korea actually makes you feel kind of lonely without a partner to share with.  Even though, Namsan tower is definitely a place that should not be missed while in Korea!

Namsam Tower
This is how Namsam tower looks like!
View of Seoul
Night view of Seoul from above! Isn’t it pretty?!
This is where couples put their locks, on the wire trees!
Couple Lock
Tiles from couples with messages and pictures!