Introducing Sara

Friends! Family! Welcome to my blog, where I will be updating you about my adventures while I study abroad. And if there is one thing you should know about my adventures, it is that I will be having a lot of them. Also, you should know that I will be staying in Copenhagen, Denmark with the Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS) from January 12, 2013 through May 17, 2013. Although I won’t be in Denmark the whole time because I will be going on, you guessed it, adventures! Now you might be wondering why a Wildlife Ecology major like myself would pick Denmark, but there are quite a few very solid reasons, the overarching reason being that DIS and I have the same idea of what study abroad is all about. First, I want to be able to take a variety of classes, some in my major and some to explore other areas. I also want to have lots of opportunities to travel and get to know different cultures. On both those points, DIS scores highly. There are so many interesting and varied courses to choose from AND there are a lot of travel options, including trips integrated into classes. Denmark’s location in Europe also allows for easier travel to other fun countries! DIS also offers a ton of housing options – my first choice is the home stay. In addition to these points, I hear wonderful things about Denmark and the Danish people, and I am really looking forward to living in Copenhagen. So, with all that in mind, here are a few things you can expect from my blog in the months to come:

First, I will be writing to you about all of the classes and activities I do on a daily basis. This includes updates about my living arrangements, things I’m learning in school, my new friends, and any other activities I’m involved in. For example, right now this portion of the blog would be about the registration process and pre-study abroad happenings. I would write updates about my registration for housing and classes. Soon I’ll have to tackle my plane tickets and visa. So it’s a good thing I’m not writing about that stuff now or else you would never read this blog again!

In addition to writing about daily activities, I will write about my adventures! Yes, the part of the blog where I go into detail about the interesting people I meet, places I go and new things I discover. Some of these things will be about my travels to other cities or countries and some will be about what fun my friends and I get into. I can’t wait to find out what I do! Please, mama, may I go NOW?

Since I am passionate about photography and preserving memories, I will also post a lot of photos here. I might even post a few videos! I love that photos and videos will allow you to look into my life and actually see the people and places I discover. You know what they say – a picture’s worth a thousand words! So expect more than 10,000 words per blog… You do the math.

This blog will be maintained as much for you as it will be for me. I want to remember every bit of my study abroad experience and my impressions, but I can’t wait for you to get to know them too. It will be so fun to share my adventures with you and allow you to virtually come along with me “across the pond”, as they say. So get ready everybody! The world is waiting J