Wait, it’s Finals Already

This is it! The last post, the last week, the last nights to make memories with the wonderful friends I’ve met here. In the jumbled mix of studying for finals and finishing last minute papers and projects (I actually just finished my last paper as I write this line AHH I’M DONE), I am determined to make time to go out to visit the places in Prague I’ve enjoyed the most. I’m so heartbroken to be leaving this beautiful place.

Looking back on the semester, I’ve achieved almost everything I wanted to achieve, with the exception of seeing a black light theater production L.  I’ve been to every museum and exhibit I could possible have managed going to. I’ve delved into final projects specific to the Czech Republic to really push my creativity and understanding of certain issues like gender in the C.R. as well as the artists Frantisek Kupka and Jan Svankmajer. I’ve done more writing here then ever before, really digging into the hardships of being alone in a foreign country. I made genuine friends, especially with my roommate and Czech buddy, whom I definitely plan to make the effort to stay in touch with.

As promised, I went back to the Lennon wall when my parents were here a couple weeks ago and saw how much it had changed. I found some Hindu images that were really cool! People in my Contemporary Czech Culture class for their final project actually used a homemade stencil of Vaclav Havel (the first President of the Czech Republic) and spray paint to make an Andy Warhol-esque image reproduction on the Lennon wall of Havel’s face. Sadly, I don’t have a picture of it, but it shows that while Prague has obviously left a mark on us, we can literally leave a mark on Prague (legally).

However, I am not leaving Europe just yet. My friend who is studying in London and I have planned a European adventure consisting of London, and the holidays in Paris and Barcelona. It’s pretty unreal, and officially booked now! While all of my friends, including my roommate, are excited to get back to their lives in America-eat American food, watch American T.V., shop in American stores, sit in restaurants with attentive American service-I’m just preparing myself to speak French again and not be struck with plane anxiety on the several planes I am taking to travel to all our destinations.

Can you even image Paris over Christmas time? I’m melting just thinking of the Eiffel Tower with it’s flashing, sparkling lights glistening while Christmas music plays in my mind.

Ugh, I’m dying just thinking of the ridiculous brilliance Paris will bring. I can’t wait to reunite with the first city I ever visited in Europe. Goodbye Prague, I will miss you and your oh so tasty beer dearly. Hello Western Europe!

Stay tuned for pictures of London, Paris and Barcelona!