10 Things that would happen in Germany

10 Things that would happen in Germany.

1)   In Germany most dogs (I literally mean like 90%) follow their owners without the assistance of a leash.  This includes in banks.

2)   It isn’t uncommon to have a sentence that includes two words that are easily 42 characters long.  German has a knack for compound words, and this creates some pretty interesting vocabulary.


The following is ONE German word:




There you have it! Long words. Aren’t they just lovely?  There are some great anecdotes about German words too.  Mark Twain is quoted as saying, “some German words are so long they have a perspective.”


If you want to find more long German words you can just google “long German words” or check out these links I found:




3)   In addition to long words, German is also known for long sentences.  The language can produce paragraph long sentences because of how you can use conjunctions. Try this on for size (this is a modest length too, keep that in mind):

Wenn ich wieder nach Chicago umziehe, nachdem ich meine Studium an der University of Wisconsin-Madison mache, und wenn ich bereit bin, einen Job zu finden und zu arbeiten, dann verdiene ich hoffentlich schließlich Geld genug, viele Einkaufsbummeln zu machen, die mir gefallen werden, weil ich mag einkaufen, und ich interessiere mich für Mode, die mir bisher leider zu teuer ist, zu kaufen, weil sie am Meistens “Designer” sind.


4)   There is no word for „procrastination“, well actually there is, it has only been recently added to the German lexicon and it was described to me once as an Americanization.

5)   Menus have an index.

6)   At the gym, water fountains release mineral water, including mineral water with carbonation.

7)   Lederhosen and Dirndls are not questioned when worn to a nightclub.

8)   When you say you’re from Illinois people have no idea what you’re talking about.  Rephrase that and say from Chicago and suddenly they know exactly what you’re talking about.

9)   You will be asked if you know anybody famous (i.e. avoid telling people that your brother lives in Los Angeles if you really don’t want to be asked this question).

10) It will rain, a lot. And no matter how hard you try, you will forget you umbrella one day.  And it will be highly inconvenient. Oh and to make matters worse, it has started snowing by the time you finished reading this sentence.