2012 Presidential Election

(Park Geun-Hye)                                              (Moon Jae-In)

Yesterday, December 19, 2012 was the Election Day for South Korea.  The two candidates were Moon Jae-In and Park Geun-Hye.  Park Geun-Hye is actually a female running for the position.  She is the daughter of Park Chung-Hee, a former general, leader, and president of South Korea.  Her father used to be a dictator and it is said that Moon Jae-In’s father was jailed for opposing Park Chung-Hee.  (Read more about Park Chung-Hee Here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Park_Chung-hee) The results yesterday turned out with Park Geun-Hye being chosen as the first female ever in South Korea to be president!  She was elected with 51.6 percent of the popular vote.  The voter turnout yesterday was 75.8 percent.

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I also learned that when you vote, instead of getting a sticker like we do in the States saying that we voted, they get stamps on their hand instead!  One stamp represents a vote for the president and the other stamp is a vote for the superintendent of education