I fly off to Bologna in one week (January 13th)! Here is my list of things to do in these seven short days:

–          Pack (I’ve been using helpful sites like this: to make my list… even though my suitcase is still empty)

–          Buy a travel adaptor plug

–          Watch the final episode of Sherlock on Netflix that I’ve been saving, and the first episode of Downton Abbey season three that plays tonight

–          Transfer all of my note-cards online so I can practice Italian vocabulary without lugging them around

–          Work as much as I can before I leave (gotta get that cash)

–          Withdraw Euros from the bank

–          Eat as much “American” food as I can and make food I might not have ingredients for in Bologna (like Enchiladas)

–          Finish off the Spotted Cow I have in my fridge (goodbye, Wisconsin beer! Hello, Italian vino.)

–          Review current events (in both Italy and the US) so I can give my opinion on American issues (Who wants to explain the fiscal cliff to me?) and know what’s happening in Italy

–          Do laundry

–          Print out all the forms I need to get my Promesso di Soggiorno when I arrive

–          Watch more Italian movies, osmosis the language, and become fluent

–          Add more items to my to-do list, because I’m sure I’ve forgotten stuff

–          Say goodbye to everyone! Try to forget that I won’t see my friends and family in at least 6 months.