Tension mat le, ho jayega

Things are getting a little crazy. Little did I envision this during finals, which now seem a million years ago. So I use a trusty coping mechanism: sometimes instead of “To Do” lists, I like to make “Done” lists to calm down and feel like yes, I can actually accomplish this whole study abroad (and life-of-a-college-student) thing on my own.

Here’s one from a week ago I found still on a post–it on my laptop, spelling mistakes and all:

Intl’ flight tickets booked, German Consulate appointment scheduled, MCAT books cracked, apartment searching begun, packing list glanced at. GlobeMed leadership duties transitioned. Reading assignments printed out, course emails sent, CFHI documents completed, vaccination aapt scheduled.

Most other study abroad students I knew had done this stuff weeks if not months ago, but I’m flying by the seat of pants. Post this New Year’s Day I’m taking 3 weeks to study for the MCAT, one day to take the test, one day to move out of my apartment, and 2 days to pack and leave for India! Yeesh.

But I think the craziness right now is good preparation for my time in India. The whole business is still uncertain, seeing as I leave in 20 days and still don’t know anything about my host family, the address of my residence, or the hospitals at which I’ll be rotating. I’m still confused as to what I’ll actually be doing on a day-to-day basis, as this apparently depends on what my skills are once I’m on the ground.  I don’t know if I’ll have the Internet to do my homework for the UW course I’ll be taking, International Studies 320.  I don’t know whether to pack scrubs or skirts.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not mad, or even frustrated. I say to myself a hugely common in phrase in Hindi-English colloquialism (henceforth referred to as Hinglish) “Tension mat le, ho jayega”- [Don’t worry, it’ll work out] I’m actually kind of enjoying looking into the hazy void- makes it seem more of an adventure, right? I do know who will be along with me for the journey, which is pretty exciting. There’s the other Badgers enrolled in the Worldwide Internship Program, going off to Germany and South America and Kenya and I forget where else- sorry guys, but I’ll get to know you a lot better through IS 320. In Pune with me will be another pre-med student from the US, as well as medical students from University of Sydney and Universidad de los Andes, which is as great a name as any.

Basically, I cannot wait to meet them and start working, no matter what (hopefully good) insanity is on its way! Here’s to 2013!