The Hunt Begins (For Apartments and Furry Hats)

Today is my fifth day in Italy, and everything is still new and exciting. We are in the midst of searching for an apartment, and I have one more week to find an apartment that I like and whose roommates like me. Talk about nerve-wracking! I’ve gone to 4 interviews so far. The roommates of the first three apartments didn’t seem to be friends with their other roommates, which I found strange because usually in Madison roommates are good friends. The fourth apartment was on a street close to Via Zamboni, where most Universita’ di Bologna buildings are. When I came into the apartment, the roommate interviewing me, and the roommate who was about to move-out invited me to stay for dinner (pasta with speck and onions). They were clearly friends, and afterward we had espresso. It was such a friendly atmosphere, and I was there for so long (over an hour) that I thought they would call me to offer me the room, but it has been two days and I haven’t heard anything. Thus, I find myself today struggling with Hotel Holiday’s weak Wi-Fi and searching for a room.

Though most of our time is spent apartment hunting, we’ve still found plenty of time to enjoy our new city. Yesterday we went on a guided tour of Bologna and saw the main sites near Piazza Maggiore. We’ve also been enjoying the food and nightlife. On Thursday we went to Osteria del Orso where we shared two family style plates of pasta (and a bit of the house wine…). It was delicious and filling just like all the food here!

B.P Pic 1


As far as the nightlife, there are plenty of bars and clubs, reflecting the large student population in Bologna. Unlike Madison, here you are allowed to drink on the street. So, people spill out of the bar onto the sidewalk and even into the street (regardless of the cold weather).

BP 2, pic 2


I’ll close with a little taste of Italian fashion. Many women wear fur here, especially women who look a little older than students. Yesterday on our tour, I spotted this woman who is sporting quite the interesting chapeau.

BP 3, pic 3