As I prepare to study abroad in Denmark, I have accumulated a fun set of advice about a life in a new country. This has come from people who, no doubt, are trying to help me as much as they can…I’ll keep you posted as to how much these following tips help me get by:

Don’t wear heels on cobblestones.

You must look extremely fashionable all the time – owls are popular…?

…But at the same time stay warm!

Get to know the city!

Good luck with the language! Ha. Ha.. Ha…

Eat many Danishes, but don’t eat too many Danishes.

Be careful with money. Copenhagen, and Denmark in general, is expensive!

Don’t board the train to Sweden on accident.

Don’t do anything that will get you arrested by the police.

While these tips are just lovely, I hope I won’t need several of them throughout my stay. Don’t get arrested by the police? I mean, I know I’m pretty rebellious and tough, but, like Jason Bourne, I am also quite stealthy… Not that I will need to be! Also, I will definitely need luck with the language. They say it is like speaking with hot potatoes in your mouth. And I thought speaking with cold potatoes in your mouth was hard! Anyway, thanks for all of the hjælp folks! Now I must finish packing—hopefully my bags will make it over in one piece. J

By the way, hjælp is my favorite word in Danish so far. It is pronounced yehlp! and I have a lot of fun imagining myself using it. I’m sure you can guess what it means.