Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day here in Korea is a little different from America.  Men, if you are tired of always pampering the girls, come to South Korea.  On February 14, instead of the men buying the girls chocolates, it is the ladies who are buying chocolates for the men!  I saw many girls buying chocolates not just for their love one, but for their coworkers and friends!  It’s totally different from the States, and sad that I wasn’t able to receive any chocolate on this day.  It’s actually okay, because on March 14, there is a holiday called White Day.  This day is for the men to give chocolates to the ladies!  As for the single people out there, don’t worry, there is a special day for you too!  On April 14, there will be a holiday called Black Day here in South Korea.  It’s a celebration for all the single people.  On this day, all the people who are single get together and eat jajangmyeon, which are noodles with black bean sauce.   It’s actually very good.  Well there you go, there is a special day for everyone!