I’m currently on a 16 hour bus ride, and I just saw a fellow bus named “Priya Tourist”. In honor of that, this post will be all about my touristy pursuits!

I have been doing a lot of those, so much that I don’t know where to start.

Random events in sort-of chronological order, then:

1. I climbed up a hill to a fort belonging to a local warrior-king in the 1500s. On the way down, I had the opportunity to learn from my Australian friend the phrase “stacking it” which means to go head over heels (I swear she fell, not me)

2. I developed an esophageal ulcer from my anti-malarial medication, and promptly stopped taking it. The ulcer made it painful to eat or drink, but even this did not stop me from scarfing down delicious Indian food at all times of day and night. My best memory of food in the ulcer days is Cashew Curry, which we had on two consecutive nights at two separate restaurants.  The ulcer is gone now, so I’m eating even more!

3. I learned how to take a stalk of sugarcane from the fields, break it across my knee, and basically rip it into submission with my teeth and swallow only the juice.  Put this on your bucket list, people.



4. I happened upon a tame peacock which sat pretty and posed for us, showing us different flattering angles. Biggest photo session so far.



5. We went to the absolutely beautiful Ajanta caves, which were rock-cut and painted by Buddhist monks in 600 B.C.  The cave paintings show the artistic techniques of perspective and gaze in the same fashion as early artists of the Italian Renaissance. They depict the many lives of Buddha, and life in and out of court in ancient Indian civilization. On the bus to Ajanta, some girls seeking to impress us treated us to another example of timeless art: “Baby” by Justin Bieber, as played from their cellphones. *

6. I climbed up to the Parvati temple in Pune. It’s at the top of a massive hill, from where you can see the whole city. The steps up to the temple were originally made for elephants. There were goats all over the place, and they provided entertainment during the multiple breaks I took. Apparently people climb up to the temple every day for their morning walk, but I think I’ll stick to being a puny tourist and visit only once more. There was a museum by the temple that we were too tired to go in once we were all the way up.

7. I bought clothes and had them sent to the tailor! Then I successfully directed an autorickshaw  (known as a tuk tuk in other countries) halfway across the city and had it deposit us right in front of our gate. I’m entirely too proud of this- but my friends who know how awful my directional sense is will understand.


  1. 8. I’ve decided to buy a saree! And now I’m on this bus to Nagpur, where I’ll probably drag some cousins saree shopping. If you ever want to see it, come to my apartment next semester! After its stint as an article of clothing in India, I think I’ll use it as wall décor.


  1.  That’s it for now, though I have left out a lot of other cool places that we visited. Hope you enjoyed the post and pictures!  Lemme know if you want more. (or less, I guess, though I do enjoy showing them off) Till next time!


*Just in case – let it be really, really clear that I was being sarcastic. Sorry, J.Biebs, but I’m not a fan.