A Long Break

Before writing this blog, I decided to read the last one I had posted and I realized how long ago that was.  After traveling to Jerusalem, I only spent a few days in Jordan, saying goodbyes.  I flew home for the holidays and have spent the last couple months at home, preparing for my next semester abroad, this time in Peru.

They warned us before we left Jordan about “reverse culture shock.”  For me, there wasn’t a ton of that.  Home was more or less how I remembered it, and while I missed Jordan and all the amazing people and places I had discovered there, it was nice to see everyone at home again.

However, the “happy to be home” feeling faded pretty fast.  Spring semester in Peru wouldn’t start until March, so I had a lot of free time, and not too many things to fill it with.  At first it was fun to see all my friends and family, but they all started up with work and school and were soon much busier than me.  Although I did get to do some really fun stuff (visiting friends at different colleges, family trips to Saint Louis and Los Angeles, playing some water polo with UW’s club team, and catching up on a lot of tv shows), everything seemed somewhat mundane after the amazing things I had done in Jordan.

Luckily for me, that break is finally coming to a close.  On Monday, I am flying out to Peru to begin another amazing adventure.  During my break, I have been preparing for the trip, although perhaps a little less than I should.  I set up housing in a student residence near campus with other international and some Peruvian students.  I figured out what kinds of classes I would want to take so I would be ready to choose classes the first week I am there.  I also made loose plans for travel at the end of the semester, which will be capped by a visit from my mother.

Probably because I have been abroad before, I am much less nervous about the little things than I was before Jordan.  I am confident that I will be able to figure out transportation, getting a cell phone, and conversing in a foreign language.  Although my Spanish is a little rusty after a semester of not speaking it, compared to Arabic, it can’t be too rough.  Right now I am just excited and so thankful that I am going abroad again.  If this semester is half as exciting as last one, it will be incredible.

I should probably leave it at that because despite my many weeks at home, I have not packed yet.  However, now that things will be exciting again soon, I will write blogs way more often and hopefully soon I will have some awesome pictures to share.  My next blog will be coming to you from the Southern Hemisphere!

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  1. Nice hearing from you again, it was a good time at Christmas at Monica’s. It was nice seeing everyone and Bradlee and Jessi sure got an ear full of more information than they really needed to know.

    Looking forward to your blogs, they are so interesting. Take good care of yourself, and we’ll be thinking of you often.

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